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ECS Academy 
Early Childhood Training

Movement, Mind-body connection, Social Skills

             For over 30 years, I’ve been in the sports industry as an engineer and analyst. I have spoken to literally thousands of coaches and players on every level of their respective sports from high school coaches to the top professionals. The one trait I find presents itself in the conversation the most is that the parent or guardian of the young athlete started them very young. The other commonality most talked about amongst coaches and athletes, is the cross training of multiple sports. Starting a child at the youngest ages may seem like a foreign concept, and not worth the time and money, but it is being proven over and over again that the brain body connections that are built at the youngest stages, serve to grow the athlete in the most positive physical ways and provides the athlete with a better understanding of their body and what it can accomplish throughout their young lives and into high school and beyond. 

So too it is with their ability and desire to “work out”. Our program is designed to bring a positive encouraging mindset to the training process. To teach young athletes that the journey should be fun, that they should look forward to a session and to carry those positive influences with them to their next levels of training. Here are just a few of the benefits of early childhood training. 


  1. Just like with education, a head start on body-brain Neuro connections serve to enhance the child's control of their bodies. 

  2. Self confidence is a natural by-product of the child's early growth as an athlete. 

  3. An inherent positive discipline is fostered with the child as they meet the easily attainable “goals” we present to them each session. 

  4. Utilizing at least two sports with different skill sets provides the child with a more compartmentalized brain-body connection. Soccer enhances brain-foot and leg connections, baseball more so brain-hand and arm connections while flag football provides for overall agility and spatial awareness.

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More Information Coming Soon!

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